Kinde & Co Limited

Aktiebolaget Kinde & C:o – A Swedish company formed by Jacob Kinde in 1905 and incorporated as a limited liability company in 1914 in Gothenburg. The company has been owned by family members since then and is today owned by a granddaughter and her family to Jacob Kinde. The company has been involved in commodity trading from its inception as well as management and ownership of a securities portfolio owned by the company and for family members.

Kinde & Co Limited – Formed in 2014 in the United Kingdom as limited liability company. The company is owned by a grandson and his family to the founder Jacob Kinde of the Swedish company. The company is involved in management consultancy with a particular focus in renewable energy, clean technology, health technology and property (housing). The company has an investment portfolio including a significant shareholding in Fearnley & Kinde Limited, the parent company of Amber Fusion (formerly F&K Renewables Limited) and F&K Creative Limited, some other shareholdings in other companies in the areas of focus.

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